I am a bad person

I’m not really, i’m generally quite a good person really. But things need to change. I am terrible at blogging and trying to keep up with my (self) studies

Inspiration required

So much for that, all good intentions went out the window after that first post.

Funny thing is, all my moaning about the sensible things that should inspire me to move forward with the web (better job, happiness, buying that house for my wife etc.) don’t seem to push me forward the way they should…

…retrieving a golf club from the garage on the other hand!

More to follow (hopefully)

Hello World

html-tutorial-hello-world-notepadIt’s that god awful first thing that you type into Notepad or Dreamweaver to prove to the world that you are now a fully fledged web designer…….except you’re really not.

This is my second attempt at keeping a blog of my web activities. I was all set with a college course that I was fitting around work learning “Web Development”, although, I really wasn’t. Old technologies and a lecturer who never turned up to classes or was continuously late put paid to that, also, I’m 38 years old and don’t need a note from my mother to say when I can and can’t come to college.

So I left, and decided to go it alone. But I didn’t quite go it alone, because a small, baby girl shaped speed bump got lodged under the wheels of that bus and slowed things right down. “Couldn’t be happier” is a phrase that I have used oh so many times already and the possibilities of being a Rad Dad fill me with a joy I have never known (that and the chance to buy a skateboard under the guise that I’m going to teach my daughter to skate) but my self-teachings suffered to the point that my confidence in whether I could do this was shot to shit.

I gave up College last November, can’t say I learned much while I was there, but I’m in real danger of slipping further backwards than I already have if I don’t get a handle on things right now.

While there is a massive amount of information out there for the budding web designer, especially with the advent of online tutorials such as Codecademy, Lynda, Code School etc. (and while they may not always be free, they certainly are a damn site cheaper than the college route) I have found that it’s helpful to know the path before running at learning code.

Add to this a fairly depressing time at work, i utilized their super fast broadband to research where or how I should go about learning web design on my own without the backup of a college. having found this article from the 84 colors blog it was evident that jumping straight into Javascript without completing the basics such as color theory or typography was probably the reason that most of the basic websites that I have (half) completed look like complete shit!

I’ve set up my home office to be a little more comfortable (the addition of a small music system and less harsh lighting will probably help) and a whiteboard stuck to the wall to allow me to cross off milestones will also help me get on the right path and see successes as and when they happen.

Non-computer time is also as, if not more, important. I’m tending to grab my camera now before I leave the house and taking more time out to spend with my daughter is giving me other reasons to get away from the screen for a bit. My life for the past few years has been a bit too comfortable, too many movies and not enough time out of the house, but the inclusion of a little person has made me realize there is more to life outside the home than in.

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