Ass in gear

Yeah I’m great at keeping a blog……

So where am I? Well my evil plan at work to gain access to Plurasight and Code School finally came to fruition with the placement of a new learning dude/VP so I am knee deep in coding.  Completed almost all of the HTML/CSS path and learned things I had not even got close to up until this point. Sass being the main subject, SVG being a very close second. It may not be for everyone, but I have to say that Code School is very good for my needs.

I also took out a subscription to Net magazine (I still like paper mags) to try to keep up with the latest trends.

I invested in a new laptop. Couldn’t yet justify a Mac but a dead screen on my 10 year old beast put paid to me saving anymore money, so I’m now the proud owner of an i7 HP laptop with fancy speakers and an SSD drive. It’s like night and day.

The only problem I still find is my own confidence. I know I can hold my own, but procrastination is still a real issue and I’ll make any excuse not to build sites or even take 30 minutes out of “Netflix time” to create a logo or two in Illustrator.

So enough procrastination, my job is getting me down, so I need to (finally) do something about the toxicity in my life and get on with this once and for all.


Day One

I started this blog way back in 2014, and like all good (bad) bloggers (not the people who actually make an effort to get up and be productive) I posted 3 posts……the latest of those in 2014 complaining about myself being a bad blogger.

So it’s 2017 and a new sense of vigour and wonder befall me. Based on a fairly sedentary job and always putting myself on the back burner for other people, I have decided to follow what I actually want to do with my life – Front End Web Development!!!!! (aparantley any more than 3 exclamation marks makes you a psychopath)

I tend to dribble along wih my knowledge. HTML and CSS are pretty good, Javascript I would say is basic level and my Adobe skills border on the “*shrug* alright” – so as the kids would say, “It’s Time to Level Up This Bad Boy” – I’ve never heard a kid say that once.

I’m updating my Twitter to start following the right people, I’m listening to podcasts in the car and I’m reading books when I can.

The job I’m in is killing me slowly, It was meant to be a temporary measure and now after 7 years it is life. I’m not getting any younger and at 41 with a 3 year old daughter, enough is enough.

So make way, it’s time to get my ass in to gear